Mark Braithwaite

Artist Mark Braithwaite

Mark's artwork has been visible in York since the 1990s.

Whilst still at University, he began pavement drawing outside the Minster, progressing to a stall selling prints, and eventually his own gallery, first on Stonegate, and in its current location on Low Petergate since 2002.

Mark still enjoys sketching outdoors, and on days when he fancies a change from painting in the studio, can often be found in his favourite spot on High Petergate, next to St Michael le Belfry church.

He was delighted to be a cover artist for Artists & Illustrators Magazine back in 2010. York Press interviewed Mark about his afternoon with their photographer.

Artist Mark Braithwaite on location with his newly arrived Best Artist Certificate Artist Mark Braithwaite in the studio with young assistant Artist Mark Braithwaite on location  Artist Mark Braithwaite Artist Mark Brathwaite


  • The Rosebud Collection

    THE ROSEBUD COLLECTION from artist Mark Braithwaite

    Featuring a very special model, Mark is thrilled to introduce you to Rosebud. Rosebud has been very busy of late - the series continues to grow.



    300x400mm £12 - Buy TWO for £20
    300x400mm £12 - Buy THREE for £28
    300x400mm £12 - Buy FIVE for £44

    nb: All dimensions are approximate

     Progressive Greetings magazine   Art and Framing Awards Finalist   Inspiration from Miss Rosebud

  • Lost Connection Series

    On a snowy day early in 2004, artist Mark Braithwaite (perhaps foolhardily!) drove onto the North York Moors looking for inspiration for new paintings. Stranded in a sudden snowstorm, an abandoned phonebox stood out like a beacon, and from this the first "Lost Connection" painting was born!

    It soon came to light that British Telecom were planning to remove some of the red telephone boxes, and so Mark began a quest to record his favourite images for posterity. The "Lost Connection" series is a nostalgic look at the Great British red telephone box set in England's green and pleasant land!

    Don't forget to look for LUCY, MJ Braithwaite's trademark black cat image hiding in each picture!

    Mark's painting "Sleepy Hollow" - an oil of the picturesque village of Hovingham, North Yorkshire, in the snow, was named after much discussion on social media website Facebook! For the first time, this "Lost Connection" was printed in two sizes and also on canvas.

    There has been a lot of press coverage over the years for this series. Thanks to Yorkshire Life Magazine, The Best of British paper, The York Press, Radio York, The Weekly News...

    Mark & Jake Braithwaite and a red phone box A double page feature in Yorkshire Life magazine Mark Braithwaite finds a new model  in London The Weekly News

  • The Dance Collection

    THE DANCE COLLECTION from artist Mark Braithwaite

    Mark has been privileged to work with some inspirational dancers from prestigious dance companies and schools .



    300x400mm £12 - Buy TWO for £20
    300x400mm £12 - Buy THREE for £28
    300x400mm £12 - Buy FIVE for £44

    nb: All dimensions are approximate

     Art and Framing Awards Finalist

     Mark with Dancers Mark shows off his skills as a dancer  Cheroegrapher Miss Hayley at Mark's photoshoot

  • The York Collection

    Artist Mark Braithwaite has been painting views of his home town since the 1990s, so we have an impressive portfolio of prints and paintings of our beautiful city. 

    From traditional photo-realistic views in oil, watercolour and acrylic, to black and white pencil sketches with a touch of red; striking atmospheric views of York at Night, to the quirky Betty's Travels series, you can see Mark's different interpretations of York over the years.

    Artist Mark Braithwaite at work Mark Braithwaite interviewed by Radio York Mark Braithwaite on location by the river

  • Figurative Editions in...

    Figurative Editions by Mark Braithwaite. These prints are taken from Mark's original work in oils on canvas. The colours are rich, atmospheric and vibrant.

    Mark works with his own models and carefully chooses location, outfit and lighting. A highlight was being allowed with his models behind the scenes at Newby Hall to create a series of figurative oils for a one man show at the stately home.

    Mark's figurative oils have been finalists in awards by the Fine Art Awards, and Canon Printers / Art Business Today magazine.

    Mark at work on a figurative painting with a junior helper Mark Braithwaite in the studio Artist Mark Braithwaite working in oils in the studio

    Mark and his models at Newby Hall Mark Braithwaite's figurative exhibition at Newby Hall Mark on the opening night of one of his figurative exhibitions at Newby Hall

    Fine Art Awards

  • Figurative Editions in...

    Prints from pencil drawings by Gallery Resident Artist Mark Braithwaite.

    Mark loves to draw. Many of his figurative oils in colour start off as a pencil study. If you've spotted him at work on his stall outdoors in York city centre on sunny days, you will probably have seen him sketching!

    Mark can also do portraits in pencil. One of the photos below shows Mark with his portraits of the first cohort of female leavers from Ampleforth College, which were commissioned by the school.

    Artist Mark Braithwaite sketching in pencil on his stall outside St Michael le Belfry in York Portrait of Ampleforth College leavers with artist Mark Braithwaite 

  • The London Collection

    Prints from paintings and drawings of London by Gallery Resident Artist Mark Braithwaite

    London has long  been a favourite destination for artist Mark Braithwaite. 

    His Piccadilly Kiss painting was a finalist in the Guardian newspaper's London Lives competition, and was exhibited at London's Bankside Gallery.

    Artist Mark Braithwaite in London Piccadilly Kiss by Mark Braitwaite - finalist in The Guardian's London Lives competition Artist Mark Braithwaite with his A Call To Order London painting

  • Charlie's Adventures

    At last, a friend for Rosebud! Say hello to Charlie!

  • Mark Braithwaite...

    Original paintings from The Braithwaite Gallery's resident artist, Mark J Braithwaite.

    Artist Mark Braithwaite at work on an oil Artist Mark Braithwaite at work Artist Mark Braithwaite at work on a Silent Night painting

  • The Landscape Collection
    Browse Mark's landscape and cityscape portfolio for areas outside York and London!
  • Mark Braithwaite...

    Original drawings in pencil from The Braithwaite Gallery's resident artist, Mark J Braithwaite.

  • Betty's Travels

    A new series from Gallery Resident Artist Mark Braithwaite

    Introducing Betty, who likes sightseeing with her friends. She tours the land, bringing a little colour to brighten the day, blissfully unaware of the attention she attracts as she gets mistaken for another, more famous Betty....

  • Our Kid
    A friend for Rosebud and Charlie! Say 'Hello" to Our Kid...
  • A Touch of Red

    Mark Braithwaite's illustrative series of pencil sketches with A Touch of Red.

    The series is available in several sizes, and in a choice of antique white single mount, or double white over black mount.

    Artist Mark Braithwaite sketching A Touch of Red

  • The Silent Night Series

    A series of atmospheric pictures of York by night, magically lit by lamplight, by gallery resident artist Mark Braithwaite.

    If you'd like to order a framed Silent Night, please just give the gallery a call on 01904 655707 - a black mount and black frame has been the most popular combination.

    Artist Mark Braithwaite paints a Silent Night oil Silent Night Wall at The Braithwaite Gallery

  • The Yorkshire...

    A series from Braithwaite Gallery Resident Artist Mark Braithwaite, inspired by the work of the Scottish colourists.

    Mark has painted stunning land and seascapes with fabulous skies, which have been printed as giclée prints on watercolour paper. Enjoy!

    Artist Mark Braithwaite outside the gallery with his Silent Shores painting

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