Mark Braithwaite

Artist Mark Braithwaite

Mark's artwork has been visible in York since the 1990s.

Whilst still at University, he began pavement drawing outside the Minster, progressing to a stall selling prints, and eventually his own gallery, first on Stonegate, and in its current location on Low Petergate since 2002.

Mark still enjoys sketching outdoors, and on days when he fancies a change from painting in the studio, can often be found in his favourite spot on High Petergate, next to St Michael le Belfry church.

He was delighted to be a cover artist for Artists & Illustrators Magazine back in 2010. York Press interviewed Mark about his afternoon with their photographer.

Artist Mark Braithwaite on location with his newly arrived Best Artist Certificate Artist Mark Braithwaite in the studio with young assistant Artist Mark Braithwaite on location  Artist Mark Braithwaite Artist Mark Brathwaite

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