Lost Connection from Mark Braithwaite


Lost Connection Series

On a snowy day early in 2004, Mark Braithwaite (perhaps foolhardily!) drove onto the North York Moors looking for inspiration for new paintings. Stranded in a sudden snowstorm, an abandoned phonebox stood out like a beacon, and from this the first "Lost Connection" painting was born!

It soon came to light that British Telecom were planning to remove some of the red telephone boxes, and so Mark began a quest to record the images for posterity. To date, he has photographed in excess of 70 red boxes, and has painted more than 20 of his favourites. The series has recently been expanded to cover other Northern counties - Christmas Day at Milburn in the North Pennines features in "The First Snow of Winter."

Working from his York studio, artist Mark Braithwaite has been busy painting the "Lost Connection" series - a nostalgic look at the Great British red telephone box set in England's green and pleasant land!

Don't forget to look for LUCY, MJ Braithwaite's trademark black cat image hiding in each picture!

An additional series of acrylic paintings on canvas "Lost Connection- A Yorkshire Year" is already underway! More will follow soon . . .

Mark's painting "Sleepy Hollow" - an oil of the picturesque village of Hovingham, North Yorkshire, in the snow, was named after much discussion on social media website Facebook! For the first time, this "Lost Connection" has been printed in two sizes and also on canvas.

If you know of a red telephone box which would make a good painting, or if your local box is about to become a "Lost Connection" let artist Mark Braithwaite know! Thankfully, only the rarely used boxes are on the 'hit list' and many will remain for the future.

The paintings have been well documented in regional newspapers and magazines, and the series continues to grow!

Permission to use "Summoned by Bells" for fundraising purposes has been granted to York Minster. The cathedral needs to raise £23 million to restore the great East Window - for further information, or to support the fundraising appeal, please log on to the cathedral's official website.

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