Lost Connection - A Host of Golden Daffodils


From artist Mark Brathwaite's Lost Connection series, featuring the Great British red telephone box.

A nostalgic series of artist signed and numbered limited edition prints. Mounted dimensions 400x400mm.

The original is also available.


On a snowy day early in 2004, Mark Braithwaite (perhaps foolhardily!) drove onto the North York Moors looking for inspiration for new paintings. Stranded in a sudden snowstorm, an abandoned phonebox stood out like a beacon, and from this the first "Lost Connection" painting was born!


This Lost Connection picture is of the telephone box near the North Yorkshire Dales hamlet of Mallerstang, just as the first signs of sprint are showing.. 


Working from his York studio, artist Mark Braithwaite has been busy adding to the "Lost Connection" series for over a decade - a nostalgic look at the Great British red telephone box set in England's green and pleasant land!


Don't forget to look for Lucy, MJ Braithwaite's trademark black cat image hiding in each picture!


Each Lost Connection print has been produced as a limited edition of 850 paper prints, with Artist's Proofs. Several of the images have a larger size and a canvas version.

Lost Connection - A Host of Golden Daffodils