Robert King

Each Limited Edition by internationally recognised figurative artist Robert King is hand signed and approved by the artist, individually numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity from publisher Solomon & Whitehead.

“My Inspiration for ‘Summer in Paris’ came while on a week's painting holiday in Paris. The pose of my wife sitting by the window in our hotel bedroom in the Latin Quarter lost in thought, smothered in her favourite stole, with Notre Dame caught in the morning light made a very romantic and fascinating subject.”

‘Morning Sunlight’ captures the excitement of bright splashes of early morning sunlight, silhouetting the figure with atmosphere and anticipation of a new day. ‘Window at Twilight’ shows the soft mysterious light beyond the half-lit figure, whose wistful expression is hidden in shadow.“My inspiration for both paintings came during a holiday in Honfleur, France. My wife, who is the model in both pictures, and I stay each year in an apartment that overlooks the inner harbour, which is always full of activity and a great source of material for a painter.

“The Chinese Silk bedspread that I used as a background for this picture is antique and quite fragile, its delicate embroidery and soft colours I find fascinating. I arranged it in my studio letting it hang as a curtain and fall onto a seat. The model sits half turning, the softness of skin next to silk and a hidden expression give a mood of ambiguity to the scene"

nb: All sizes are approximate

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