Figurative Editions by Mark Braithwaite


Figurative Editions in Colour

Figurative Editions by Mark Braithwaite. These prints are taken from Mark's original work in oils on canvas. The colours are rich, atmospheric and vibrant.

Mark works with his own models and carefully chooses location, outfit and lighting. A highlight was being allowed with his models behind the scenes at Newby Hall to create a series of figurative oils for a one man show at the stately home.

Mark's figurative oils have been finalists in awards by the Fine Art Awards, and Canon Printers / Art Business Today magazine.

Mark at work on a figurative painting with a junior helper Mark Braithwaite in the studio Artist Mark Braithwaite working in oils in the studio

Mark and his models at Newby Hall Mark Braithwaite's figurative exhibition at Newby Hall Mark on the opening night of one of his figurative exhibitions at Newby Hall

Fine Art Awards

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