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Jonathan Williams

YORK on SILK from gallery staff artist Jonathan Williams

Yorkshire born artist Jonathan Williams loves to use his graphic design training and a love of silk painting to produce these vivid, almost luminous paintings. 

Scenes of York are a particular favourite; Jonathan's modern day slant on The Shambles - one of the country's favourite and most visited streets - looks amazing!

While there are many different ways to produce silk paintings Jonathan likes the traditional method of using gutta outline. 

Influenced very much by the American artist/designer Louis Comfort Tiffany and his stained glass windows, Jonathan's paintings have a stained glass window feel to them, emphasized by the black leading/gutta outline of his designs.

The Braithwaite Gallery is delighted to have Jonathan on board as our second resident artist! Meet Jonathan in the Gallery most weekends.

Jonathan's fantastic York prints look fabulous presented mounted in black, which suits the dramatic colours of his work; the coastal scenes suit white. You can choose your preferred mount colour in the shopping cart!

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