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Matthew Ellwood

Matthew Ellwood

The Towers of Matthew Ellwood

It takes Matthew about three months to produce one of his paintings; initially spending three of four days taking photographs of buildings. “It’s a bit like putting together a jigsaw, but each image represents a part of a town or city, or in the case of Weardale, the villages and industry of the dale.

"I get to know each building very well, things like how many windows at here are and the ways it appears from certain angles. When I did London I took over 1000 photos but still wasn't quite happy so I went on Google Earth and filled in the gaps." 

Each tower is made up of layers of local buildings and scenes. For example his Newcastle picture features buildings including the Sage, Northumbria University and several of its bridges. Matthew's describes his Towers as inspired by the fabled Tower of Babel. 

Matthew says: "I'll go back to a picture and forget that I had had painted a certain building. I also like to put little details in, like a figure in a window, which very few people spot. What amazes me is that a lot of children spot things which adults don't."

Each has been printed as a signed limited edition; some images are printed in a smaller size. Each Tower print comes with a key to identify the featured buildings.

We are able to supply the Towers framed; please call the Gallery for details on 01904 655707.